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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rap is Anything

Posted on Cowbird on November 20th, 2013

By Leland Greeley

    Binary Star and One Be Lo: My Favorite Rap Group and Rapper

I like rap music.

It makes me think about how I view the world. When most people think of “rap”, they see the one, extreme end of the spectrum. A rapper talks about the money he makes, the drugs he does, the alcohol he drinks and how great it is.

I used “he” unintentionally, but the majority of this rap comes from guys. There are female rappers out there, but it is less prevalent.

I enjoy this music, in certain contexts. I describe it as “weekend” music. It’s great for a party. It’s catchy. It's gets people excited for the night.

Am I trying to listen this type of rap on a weekday? Hell no. Every rapper says the same thing in those songs, but just in a different way. As one of my friends explained it, “It’s good. If you don’t listen to it.”

I listen to rap that challenges the stereotypical view of itself.

Please don't call me a “hipster”.

Rap is so great because a person can talk about whatever they want. It doesn’t just have to be for the weekend. Rap can be used as a way of getting beliefs and ideas out to the masses.

I especially like rap because it reminds me of journalism. In journalism, a writer seeks to fit the pieces of a story into a puzzle that tells the story the way it’s intended.

And rap can be created in the same way. I would argue it’s even more difficult as a rapper to do this as one must rhyme as they tell their story. A rapper needs “flow”; timing is critical, just like a journalist needs flow to their stories.

Rap is anything. Some people want to party to it and seek out that type of rap. Some people want to hear a thought-provoking message. It’s a genre that can be based off other genres.

People can try to discredit rap because they only hear the “party”  side of it and see it as just that. But rap can also be an educated medium to shed light on contemporary issues.

Whatever type of rap you seek out, you’ll see it's a reflection of life.

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